ARTA, letter of The General Coordinator …

Good morning to art and cultural « melting pot » lovers

Finally came the time to inaugurate a new way, a new artistic path drawn down from organized meetings and noisy openings from which thousands of ideas arise, art in all magnificence of its paradoxes.

ARTA, the encounter is born, the fruit of all our hopes, and our dearest wishes to organize, create and bring together some world visual artists so as to exchange, show and discuss around the current tricky artistic theme.

ARTA, our first International Contemporary Art Meeting in Algiers has always been subject of discussion, mockery, irony or simply dead from the beginning. This idea has always been in our hearts and minds and raised a thousand times.

ARTA, is finally here, in front of us, tangible and colorful.

ARTA, is finally here being blessed in its cradle, by the many partners who decided to make it live, thanks to a common energy, so as to make all lovers of beautiful images and fruitful aesthetics satisfied.

This first encounter of contemporary Art, which has been turned into an international meeting, will host nearly 40 countries, a guest artist for each nation will be invited, a big party will take place, with artistic encounters, screenings dedicated to the artistic event, high level conferences on culture, thematic exhibitions on visual arts related to the main event, with workshops and master classes dedicated to in-vivo artistic production.

All shall happen in a favorable environment that will encourage the emergence of young talents as a priority.

The celebration is to last five short days

They might seem ephemeral, as in the most beautiful celebrations.

However, ARTA will have the pious wish to remain perennial thanks to the sense and aesthetics that it would have made, willing and why not, to be a catalyst of the new continental creation, the dream is allowed, Art allows to make it true, doesn’t it???

The General Coordinator of ARTA, Lyès Khelifati